Violent Acts Index

Violent Acts Index

The purpose of these pages is to provide you with an index of violent acts that occurred throughout the show. So far, we have included all of season one.

The reason we have decided to collect this data was so that we could see what kinds of trends the show has in terms of its use of violence and exciting plot events to build suspense. We believe that although the producers are concerned with creating and accurate representation of the book series “A Song of Ice and Fire”, due to the serial nature of the show, they also need to focus on keeping viewers engaged and excited about watching the next episodes.

It was interesting to see when violent acts occurred. Although there is no set format, in episodes with little violence, the action seems to occur during the first 10 minutes or the last 15 minutes. This is significant because it means that although the producers are in fact concerned with telling the story, the have deliberately set up the shows episodes to end with an exciting event that will get viewer immediately excited about the next episode.

 Episode 1 – “Winter is Coming”

3:00 – Will, a ranger of the Night’s Watch, finds maimed dead bodies north of the wall.

5:50 – White walker kills Waymar Royce, a ranger of the Nights Watch. (off camera)

5:53 – A white walker cuts off head of Gared, a ranger of the Night’s watch.

13:43 – Eddard Stark beheads Will for abandoning the Night’s Watch after seeing whitewalkers.

52:02 – Dothraki kills another Dothraki over a woman; Slits his throat. “Dothraki wedding with less than 3 deaths is considered a dull affair.”

60:24 – Jaime Lannister pushes Bran down a tower.

 Episode 2 – “The Kings Road”

29:56 – Assassin tries to kill Bran, Lady Stark gets in way.

30:08 – Dire wolf kills assassin.

43:51 – Joffrey cuts butchers boy with his sword.

44:10 – Arya’s dire wolf (nimeria) bites Joffrey’s hand.

51:46 – Ned stark kills Sansa’s dire wolf (Lady). Arya made Nimeria run away, so instead Lady is slain because Nimeria bit Joffrey.

Episode 3 – “Lord Snow”

37:30 – Dothraki solider grabs Danerys’ brother by the neck, begins to choke him but is stopped at Khaleesi’s will.

Epidode 4 – Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things

Episode 5 – The Wolf and the Lion

Episode 6 – “A Golden Crown”

10:55 – Rob slits the throat of a wildling

36:50 – Bronn kills the Ser Vardis Egen, Lady Lysa Arryn’s champion on behalf of Tyrion and throws him down the sky door.

49:10 – Drogo pours molten gold on Viserys’s head and says “A crown for a king.”

Episode 7 – “You Win or You Die”

4:30 – Tywin Lannister skins a deer in vivid detail.

Episode 8 – “The Pointy End”

2:05 – Two King’s Landing guards killed by invading Lannister men

2:35 – Stark soldiers killed by Lannister men while loading wagons with supplies

4:38 – Duel between Syrio Forel and Lannister men and Meryn Trant begins

6:00 – Syrio is killed after his practice sword is cut in half (off camera)

7:00 – Arya kills stable hand boy as she escapes when she feels threatened

20:05 – Tyrion and Bronn are attacked by the Stone Crows and their leader Shagger

23:05 – Jon attacks his superior in castle black for calling him a bastard

25:28 – Jon is attacked in castle black by the white walker. Luckily he is able kill it with the help of his wolf and some fire

26:20 – The Dothraki rape and pillage a village

31:00 – Khal Drogo fights and kills his captain when his authority is challenged

33:29 – Jon Omber’s finger is bitten off by Jon Stark’s wolf when he challenges the young kings power

Episode 9 – “Baelor”

33:35 – Jorah Mormont fights and slays the Horse lord who challenges to go into the witch doctor’s tent during the ritual.

44:09 – The Battle of the Vale commences

54:55 – Eddard Stark is beheaded despite his daughter’s and the Queens plea for mercy.

Episode 10 – “Fire and Blood”

10:05 – Ser Illan Pyne cuts of bard’s tongue for singing about the incest of the Lannister household

45:05 – The men of the Night’s Watch go north of the wall to Craster’s Keep

48:30 – Khalisi burns the Maghar at the funeral pyre of Drogo