Jon Snow

Jon Snow is the bastard son of Eddard Stark. He is a good boy, but is bitterly despised by his mother, Catelyn Stark of house Tully. He joined the Night’s Watch to serve out his years along the great wall. Since I made the journey north with him, I noticed that when we arrived, he immediately regretted his decision. It seems that no one told the boy what a group of convicts and degenerates the Night’s Watch really was. John however has realized the men of the nights watch weren’t awarded the same opportunities as someone of the Stark bloodline. He has begun teaching his fellow watchmen, and he will have a positive impact on the grim unit.

Jon was raised by the Stark family of Winterfell.  Although he does not share their name, it is apparent that the Stark children have grown extremely close to him and accepted him as one of their own.

He was convinced to take the black when his uncle Benjen Stark was visiting Winterfel. Despite his uncle’s best efforts to discourage the boys’ actions, Jon was set on pursuing what he believed was an honorable path.

Jon clearly struggles with an internal conflict that regards abandoning his post with the Night’s Watch to join his brother Rob, and be branded a traitor and a deserter, or remaining at his post and turning his back on his family.

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