Petyr “Little Finger” Baelish

Lord Peytr Baelish served on the small council with me as Master of Coin (treasurer for the Seven Kingdoms) under King Robert Baratheon. His nickname “Little Finger” comes from his families holdings, a small area within the Fingers of the Vale of Arryn. As a child, Lord Baelish was raised in Riverrun by Edmure Tully. This is where he first acquired the name, and despite being one of the most powerful political figures in Westeros, he still has it.

Little Finger has developed interesting relationships within King’s Landing. For one, he is the owner and manager of the finest brothels in all of Westeros. This puts him into contact with many lords and provides him with information that his whisperers cannot provide.

As a young man, Lord Baelish was entranced by the beauty of Catyln Tully and has always had a soft spot in his heart for her ever since. He is consistently providing the Starks with valuable information and helping them achieve their goals. I respect Little Finger with all my heart, but by no means do I trust the man.

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